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Roses that Grew

Concrete Rose Club, founded by Tiana and Shanice,  provides a unique range of coaching and consulting for entrepreneurs and small businesses.  They are a pair of passionate and purposeful professionals who value delivering outstanding results to their clients.  


Concrete Rose Club has come a long way from its beginnings.  The pair initially met professionally, servicing a government engagement. Shanice's focus was on data analytics and reporting, and Tiana focused on process improvement and coordination.  Shortly into their time on the engagement,  they recognized, respected, and appreciated the value they each brought to one another. More importantly, they were in alignment with their calling to help others. 


Tiana and Shanice's passion for innovation and strategy drove them to combine the skills they mastered and assistance they offered as a labor of love into Concrete Rose Club, in order to serve limitlessly. They are now thrilled to work with clients in all stages of their business, providing equal care and quality, in addition to  an A+ experience. Moreover, one size doesn't have to fit all. Concrete Rose Club customizes to cultivate your business.

Concrete Rose Club, A consultancy
Concrete Rose Club, A consultancy

Girl, I Gotta Question For Ya

What sort of duties do you have at work?

“I’m a visionary, so I love to cultivate the “big picture” of the projects we’re working on. I also work a lot on overall business function, our processes and procedures. Most importantly, I lean into my greatest strength: words. I work on most of the copy, correspondence, and communication from our website to our clients to social media. 


“       This crazy girl comes up with all the over the top ideas and I design and implement.” 


—  Tiana

—  Shanice

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